RETURN POLICY, as well as third parties that sell through the, offer the return of most products within 30 days from the receipt of the same by the consumer. Most of the products sold in are subject to the general policy of returns, however some of them present certain articulations at the time of returning them.

Withdrawal rights

You are guaranteed by law the right to withdraw from the purchase contract, without indicating the reason, for most of the products during 14 calendar days from the day you received the product (for more information about your right of withdrawal within the period of 14 day reflection, see section 2 of our Terms of Use and Sale). To cancel a purchase during the 14-day reflection period, visit our Online Returns Center.

Return Policies of

Regardless of the right of withdrawal described above, the return policy of allows you to return the products in case you are not satisfied with your purchase up to 30 days from the date of receipt of the product. The products must be returned in the same state in which you received them. Therefore, new products must be returned new, unused and complete. The same exceptions to the right of withdrawal apply to our return policy. The following products can not be returned except in case of defective products:

  • Products that do not allow its return due to hygienic or health protection reasons if it has been unsealed by you after delivery (for example cosmetic products), or that were, after delivery, inseparably mixed with other products;
  • Products that may deteriorate or expire quickly (for example food or perishable products or products subject to the expiration date);
    Sound or video recordings sealed or software sealed if they were unsealed by you after delivery;
  • Goods made according to your specifications or clearly customized, specifically including the products of Handmade;
  • Digital content (including apps, digital software e-books, MP3, etc.) that would not have been delivered in a material medium (that is, not contained in media such as CD or DVD) if you had consented to the execution at the time of delivery and without its possible withdrawal from that moment
    Daily press, periodicals or magazines with the exception of subscription contracts; And;
  • Alcoholic beverages whose price has been agreed at the time you made the order and can not be delivered before 30 days, and whose real value depends on fluctuations in the market that we can not control.
  • Note: if the reason for the return of the product is not due to that it arrived damaged, it was defective or it was incorrect, we will not refund the amount of the gift wrap, the shipping costs or any other service related to your order; We will only refund the amount of the product. If you use a postage-paid return label, we will deduct shipping costs from the total refund amount.

Defective or damaged products

Defective Product You can claim that a product is defective during the two years after the date of receipt of the same. Depending on the date of claim and the type of product, there are several options. Note: If your product is defective, please first consult the product documentation, for example, the user’s guide for suggestions on troubleshooting or contact the manufacturer. According to the manufacturer’s warranty, the manufacturer normally has the option of repairing the product or replacing the individual parts of the product. will not carry out the replacement of any part of the missing or defective product or offer technical assistance for it if it is not the manufacturer. If you can not solve the problem with the help of the product documentation, you can file a claim with within two years from the date of receipt of the product, as described below: 30 days Following the date of receipt You can return a defective product within 30 days from the date of receipt of the order through our Online Returns Center. There the different solutions to choose are offered. Between 30 days and 2 years from the date of receipt Our Returns Support Center can only be used on a limited basis for complaints made after 30 days from the date of receipt. Get in touch with our Customer Service Center so that we can help you exercise your right of guarantee. Defective product: 3 months